Zendaya Meets Snoop Dogg During Rehearsal 6/20/12! (@Zendaya96)


Zendaya has been super busy lately and definitely swagging it out at her rehearsals!! Today Zendaya had a fun surprise during rehearsals when she met Snoop Dogg!! She tweeted earlier, “Snoop Dogg is next door to us rehearsing!!” Just a few minutes ago, Zendaya shared this picture in this article through her Instagram account and wrote, “Soooo we just met @snoopdogg and he gave me a hug, life=complete☺ #swagitouttour @thugcoutureinc @lilrichswagg @danceovereverything @_brenn”

How awesome is that?! Zendaya has been working and rehearsing so hard, I know it’ll definitely pay off! So be ready Z-Swaggers for what Zendaya has in store for us all!!

Be sure to follow Zendaya on her Twitter: @Zendaya96 and on her Instagram: @zendayamaree to keep updated with the amazing Zendaya!

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