Article: Find Out What Slime Is REALLY Like In This FIO “Slime Secrets” Segment!


Anybody ever wondered what Nickelodeon’s famous slime is like?? Because I know I sure have!! Like, how does it feel when suddenly the green slime is poured on you? Or what does it smell like? Does it taste like anything? Well wonder no more! Check out this “Slime Secrets” segment below and hear what Gracie Dzienny, Cymphonique Miller, Ana Mulvoy Ten, and Max Schneider have to say about what slime is really like after their close encounter with it on “Figure It Out”!

Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, would YOU ever like to get slimed? Did you see Gracie, Cymphonique, Ana and Max on “Figure It Out”??

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