Zendaya And Davis Cleveland Are Helping Homeless Kids… And You Can Too!!


Most of us are very fortunate to say that we have all the latest technologies, like an iPhone and iPad, new sneakers and the latest fashion trends. But what we might not realize is what we are even more fortunate about… having a home. Living in your house everyday, you may sometimes take it for granted and not realize that there are some kids out in the world right now, at this very moment who don’t have a place they can call “home”.

Shake It Up! stars Zendaya and Davis Cleveland are here to help change that… and so can you!! Davis Cleveland tweeted, “@DavisCleveland W O R L D W I D E! Hello everyone all around the world! …will you help me help the homeless children sleeping of America?” “…every night thousands of homeless children sleep on the street, under overpasses, & in doorways…outside… please help me help them!”

 Zendaya tweeted, “hey twitterverse! just talked to @DavisCleveland…he’s helping homeless kids by texting NCH to 85944 to donate $10 and I am too! so can u!”

So go on and donate! You can join some of your favorite celebs and make a change in this world! I know I will! Don’t forget to use all your social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) to spread the word and make a change!

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