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Article: Join Addison Riecke And Help Deliver Books To Underprivileged Kids! Find Out More Info Here!

16 Jan


Addison Riecke has truly won over all of our hearts with her fan-favorite role in Nickelodeon’s highly-acclaimed, hit TV show, “The Thundermans,” and she continues to do so with how much of a terrific role model she is to all of her fans. Addison Riecke has a heart of gold and is asking you all to join her to deliver books to underprivileged kids benefitting WRiTE BRAiN GIVES.

You can donate at: http://happysnapps.com/Addison to help Addison Riecke reach her goal of $10,000. For people that donate $100 or more, you will be able to get an autographed copy of Addison Riecke’s book and a Write Brain Books kit of your own. There are also some other special incentives once certain milestones are reached at $2,500, $5,000 and the goal of $10,000 including the chance to go with the lovely Addison Riecke to the Peace4Kids program in Los Angeles.

The marvelous Addison Riecke shared the great tweet below.

Addison Riecke is one admirable and inspiring, young lady! For more information on Addison Riecke’s HappySnapps project, click this link: http://happysnapps.com/Addison! Any donation would be a great help. Bravo to Addison Riecke on being such a fabulous and magnificent individual!

Follow Addison Riecke on Twitter: @AddisonRiecke

VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Alexisjoyvipaccess Visits The DoSomething.org NYC Office! Watch The Virtual Tour Here!

4 Dec


“Be the change you want to see in this world.” – Gandhi

We all want to see and make positive changes in this world – whether it be by recycling, volunteering, or donating, amongst many other possibilities; but the first thing we must do to make a positive change in this world is to actually get up and do something. For some people, actually doing something is one of the hardest things to do, but think again! Presenting you one of the most incredible and inspiring organizations on this planet – DoSomething.org! DoSomething.org is an organization that encourages social change in all aspects. Find something you are passionate about and YOU can get started on making a change.

DoSomething.org has a lot of spectacular campaigns including Teens for Jeans, Grandparents Gone Wired, Oh Snap, Grandpa!, Naughty or Nice and the list goes on and on. DoSomething.org continues to influence us all that no matter how small or large the gesture is, actually going out and doing something to help make a positive change is what matters the most! Plus, DoSomething.org encourages three things: you don’t have to pay to get started on a campaign you care about, you don’t need an adult to help you get started and you don’t need a car since everything is accessible! DoSomething.org has some of your favorite celebrities on board supporting the organization including Jake Miller, Fifth Harmony, Demi Lovato and more!

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess am an avid supporter of DoSomething.org and I strongly believe it is so important to give back to others. I had the greatest honor of visiting the DoSomething.org NYC office and I want to take all of you with me on a virtual tour around the DoSomething.org office! Watch my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE video as I interview Colleen, the PR and Talent Relations Manager at DoSomething.org and we give you a tour around the office including their fun foosball table and I meet the one, the only Puppet Sloth who is featured on DoSomething.org’s Snapchat! Take your virtual tour of the DoSomething.org NYC office with Alexisjoyvipaccess by watching the VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE video below. Thanks for having me DoSomething.org!

Also, vote for your favorite celebrities who are nominated for DoSomething.org’s “Celebs Gone Good” here: https://www.celebsgonegood.com

Follow DoSomething.org on Twitter: @DoSomething / “Like” DoSomething.org on Facebook / Subscribe to DoSomething.org on YouTube and visit: https://www.dosomething.org/ to see how you can get involved!

Watch the “Grandparents Gone Wired” PSA below:

Article: Is Louis Tomeo Ticklish? Find Out As He Supports The Laugh4Life Challenge To Help Cure Childhood Cancer!

7 Jul


You’ve seen the extraordinary and magnificent actor, Louis Tomeo play some pranks in Nickelodeon’s highly-acclaimed, hit TV show, “Every Witch Way”, but have you ever wondered if this T3 prankster is… ticklish? Well, now is your chance to find out! The remarkable Louis Tomeo is showing his support towards the Robert Wood Johnson Children’s Hospital by joining the Laugh4Life Challenge. So here is what is going to happen! YOU, yes, YOU can pledge a donation – after doing so, Louis Tomeo will be taking on the Laugh4Life challenge where he will be tickled for one minute! Guess what? There will even be a video posted of Louis getting tickled!

What a great way to combine laughs and support for a spectacular and exceptional cause! You can visit the celebrity nominations page at this link: http://laugh4life2015.webs.com/2015-celebrity-nominations – it is so wonderful to see all these excellent celebrities like the incredible Louis Tomeo show their support towards this great cause!

Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, do YOU want to see Louis Tomeo get tickled for a good minute while also donating to the Robert Wood Johnson Children’s Hospital? Then, don’t forget to head on over and pledge a donation!

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Follow Laugh4Life on Twitter: @Laugh4Life2k15

Article: T. Mills Inspiring Holiday Gesture As He Brings Holiday Cheer At His YNG FVS Toy Drive / Concert! (@ILoveTMills)

23 Dec


The holiday season is all about: happiness, love, warmth and giving back to others! What better way to kick off your holiday celebration than by seeing singing sensation, T. Mills perform live in concert? Maybe a concert that gives back to others! Not only is T. Mills a phenomenal artist / musician and rap / pop music genius – but he also is one inspiring fellow!

T. Mills had his 3rd Annual Young Favorites Toy Drive and concert on December 21, 2014 at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California. T. Mills asked anyone who attends the concert to bring toys they can donate to kids. Talk about a heart-warming holiday gesture!

The incredibly talented T. Mills never fails to leave fans in awe – he is one incredible musician and a phenomenal human being with a big heart! Along with a video shared through T. Mills’s Instagram account, T. Mills wrote, “The 3rd annual YNG FVS Toy Drive was a success!! This is the most toy donations we’ve ever received. THANK YOU for helping make the holidays amazing for some grateful people. @rjgxx”.

Check out a great recap video of T. Mills’s YNG FVS concert shared on his Instagram account at this link: http://instagram.com/p/w90XylSX2M/

A big bravo to T. Mills on a magnificent concert! Follow T. Mills on Twitter: @ILoveTMills and on Instagram: @TMills

Article: Who Won The 2014 “The Friskies”? Find Out Here And Watch Some Amazing Internet Cat Videos!

21 Sep
The Fine Bros. present Chris Poole with $25,000 for being the Grand Prize winner of "The Friskies" 2014 - awards for the best Internet cat videos of the year - for his video titled "Dumpster Kitty" in the "Strange" category. To watch all the winning videos go to www.TheFriskies.com. (Bret Hartman/AP Images for Friskies)

The Fine Bros. present Chris Poole with $25,000 for being the Grand Prize winner of “The Friskies” 2014 – awards for the best Internet cat videos of the year – for his video titled “Dumpster Kitty” in the “Strange” category. To watch all the winning videos go to http://www.TheFriskies.com. (Bret Hartman/AP Images for Friskies)

Roll out the red carpet because we have four new internet cat sensations who are making their mark and are receiving cat stardom! You’ve casted your votes each day for your favorite internet cat video and now the day we all have been waiting for is finally here. Friskies has just announced the best cat videos of “The Friskies” and the grand prize winner of the prestigious internet cat video award! Of course, internet cat videos continue to steal the hearts of viewers worldwide so each and everyone of the entrees were winners themselves and such a blast to watch!

The Fine Brothers and category captains: Grace Helbig, Zach King, Will Braden and Jesse Wellens gathered together in Los Angeles, California to announce the four category winners and the grand prize winner.

So, WHO took the title of the 2014 winner of “The Friskies”? The one and only, Cole and Marmalade from Tampa, Florida with their incredible “Dumpster Kitty” video from the “Strange” category. What’s the video about? “In this peculiar video, Marmalade puts on a disappearing act for Cole. Mesmerized, Cole is left wondering where his feline friend goes!” (source: press release). Cole and Marmalade were honored with $25,000 and the phenomenal golden catuette.

And here are the other three finalists who were granted a golden catuette and a $5,000 prize… wow! : (source: press release)

Funny: Cat vs. Flipflop starring Buddy; Palm Coast, FL

Buddy likes order in the house and when he sees something unfamiliar, he gets quite curious. In this playful video, Buddy is exploring a strange object on the floor and becomes the ultimate scardey cat!


Res-cute: Cat and Baby Play Peekaboo starring Howie; Liverpool, OH

In this absolutely adorable video, Howie plays a game of peekaboo with baby Joy. A cute cat coupled with a cute baby is impossible to beat!


Epic: How Bob Gets His Exercise starring Bob; Atlanta, GA

Bob enjoys getting his exercise in a unique way. The technique and speed with which he chases his tail is really impressive. Maybe he’s practicing to be a break dancer?

big congratulations to all the winners – these feline friends have truly won the hearts of us all with their spectacular videos!

Whitney Evans, Friskies assistant brand manager stated, “This year’s ‘The Friskies’ was one of the best yet. Some videos were hilarious, some were adorable and some were absolutely outrageous! We were blown away with the amount of fan support and votes each video received.  Without a doubt, the videos combined with the countless votes of passionate fans made for a fierce but amazing competition.”

Not only that, Friskies even donated a whopping 250,000 cans to ten cat shelter organizations and an additional $23,500 to shelter partners. Great cat videos and a great way to give back – Friskies is magnificent!

To see the winning videos of “The Friskies” – visit: http://www.TheFriskies.com and stay in the loop by using the hashtag #TheFriskies. Also, as a special treat – Friskies has created a collaboration video of all the amazing, funny, adorable and strange cat videos that were submitted into this year’s “The Friskies”. Be sure to check out the excellent video below and also take a look at photos from the remarkable “The Friskies” gala below! Congratulations once again to all the winners! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what is YOUR favorite cat video of all time?

Follow Friskies on Twitter: @Friskies

Photo and Caption Credits: Friskies Press Release


Article: Jillian Rose Reed Takes Part In Inspiring “Breaking The Chains” Campaign! Check Out The Kickstarter Project Here!

17 May


Photo Credits: Jillian Rose Reed’s Instagram (@JillianRoseReed)

Eating disorders have become a struggle that is prevalent and affecting the lives of people everywhere and of all ages. The incredible MTV Awkward star Jillian Rose Reed is not only a spectacular actress, but she is also one terrific role model, using her positive influence to help bring awareness towards eating disorders. Jillian Rose Reed is teaming up with Debra Hopkins, Anabelle Munroe, Erin Sanders, and August Emerson in the inspiring “Breaking The Chains” campaign. Jillian Rose Reed will be working as a producer in the “Breaking The Chains” campaign. The goal of “Breaking The Chains” is to “change the face of eating disorders” (source: press release) and to “… express the inner turmoil and pain one goes through within an eating disorder” (source: press release).

According to the press release, ” “I think it’s no secret that everyone is effected in one way or the other by this disease that we want to shed the light on”, said Jillian Rose Reed (MTV’s Awkward), on the freshly launched kickstarter campaign video for the song “My Worst Enemy” (performed by Reed), whose goal it is to help crowd-finance a music video to a song about the inner emotional turmoil of having an eating disorder.”

Check out the “Breaking The Chain” Kickstarter campaign at this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/800934521/my-worst-enemy which is described as an “Alice In Wonderland Labyrinth world gone dark” (source: press release). The work put behind the remarkable campaign is just outstanding and so influential; and the artistic concept behind it all is just mesmerizing! Show your support towards this excellent campaign by checking out the Kickstarter project and donating whatever you can! Be sure to share the “Breaking the Chains” Kickstarter project with all your friends and family — YOU, yes… YOU; can help Jillian Rose Reed and all the magnificent people working on the “Breaking The Chains” project by helping get the word out!

Follow Jillian Rose Reed on Twitter: @JillianRoseReed

Article: Lia Marie Johnson Gorgeous In White At The Teen Choice Awards After Party! (@LiaMarieJohnson)

14 Aug


 Triple threat: actress, singer and performer Lia Marie Johnson looked wonderful in white as she attended the ‘Staples For Students’ Teen Choice Awards After Party on August 11, 2013 at the Saddle Ranch in Universal City, California. Lia Marie Johnson showed her support at the event for the inspiring ‘Staples For Students’ campaign who is working hard to have no person go to school empty-handed! Lia Marie Johnson looked gorgeous as always wearing a white peplum styled dress to the event! Lia always looks fantastic everywhere she goes!

Check out these marvelous pictures of the always lovely Lia Marie Johnson at the 2013 ‘Staples For Students’ Teen Choice Awards After Party below! Be sure to catch Lia Marie Johnson every Monday night on ‘ATV on Nick’. Lia Marie Johnson fans can look forward to more “Terry the Tomboy” segments as she will begin filming more segments at the end of this month.

Follow Lia Marie Johnson on Twitter: @LiaMarieJohnson and Subscribe to Lia Marie Johnson on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/liamariejohnson and Visit: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3096796/

Want to be apart of the ‘Staples for Students’ campaign? You can donate $1 to any of your local Staples registers between June 30 – September 28th and you can also donate school supplies from August 11 – 17th! Spread the word on social media and share the ‘Staples for Students’ Facebook page – each share will equal to a $1 being donated starting July 15th! Spread the word and help make every person get in the school spirit!

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Dylan Riley Snyder Inspires Teens To Help Raise Awareness Towards Cancer! (@DylanRSnyder)

17 Apr


Not only is Disney XD’s Kickin’ It star- Dylan Riley Snyder a fantastic actor who always keeps his fans entertained; but there is also no doubt about it that Dylan Riley Snyder has one of the biggest hearts in Hollywood! Dylan Riley Snyder is helping people all over bring awareness towards cancer. Dylan Riley Snyder shared this touching and heart-warming photo through his Pinterest account along with the caption, “Dylan Riley Snyder Encourages Kids to Raise Cancer Awareness”.

Dylan Riley Snyder continued to write on his official Facebook fan page and said, “I am working with Relay for Recess with The American Cancer Society. I will fly out and spend the day with the school that raises the most money to support Cancer Awareness. Dedicated to my NaNa!”

Dylan is terrific role model and continues to inspire his fans! So wonderful seeing celebrities like Dylan Riley Snyder support such remarkable causes whose goal is to change the lives of people all over.

Join Dylan Riley Snyder and the many others in raising awareness towards cancer! When we all work together, we can help find a cure and make the dream of no more cancer come true!

Follow Dylan Riley Snyder on Twitter: @DylanRSnyder

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VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Singing Sensation- Ryan Beatty Talks Exclusively With Alexisjoyvipaccess! (@TheRyanBeatty)

3 Feb


 He’s the teen singing sensation who has fans all over the world; and is continuing to expand his already rapidly growing fan-base each day! His latest EP “Because Of You” is available on iTunes, including many of his other singles like “Hey LA” and “Every Little Thing”. His music video- “Hey LA” has been featured multiple times on MTV and he was also featured as #10 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart! That’s Ryan Beatty for you!

Not only is Ryan Beatty a dedicated and talented musician; but he also is a great supporter of wonderful campaigns like the DoSomething campaign. I, Alexisjoyvipaccess covered Ryan Beatty’s DoSomething “Teens For Jeans” event at Aeropostale in NYC on January 23, 2013 and got to chat with the awesome Ryan Beatty at the event!

Hear what Ryan Beatty had to say about his inspiration for his EP “Because Of You” below! Ryan Beatty even sends out a special message to his fans too!

(Ryan Beatty’s DoSomething “Teens For Jeans” event at Aeropostale in NYC was filled with loads and loads of Beatty fans; plus some great music was playing so the video below may be a little loud. You can also read the chat below!)

Alexisjoyvipaccess: Where did you get your inspiration for your EP “Because Of You”?

Ryan Beatty: So the inspiration for the EP is actually the title! The title “Because Of You” is really all dedicated to all my supporters, everyone who has gotten me to where I am at. Also, because of the experiences the songs are based on, it’s also “Because Of You” like dedicated to the people the songs are based on.

Alexisjoyvipaccess: Excellent! So, of course if you could bring out one message to your fans, what message would that be?

Ryan Beatty: Obviously I love you guys so much; and I mean I don’t even know how to explain it; but I really appreciate everything you guys do for me, every single one of my supporters, you guys are right here right in front of my eyes! Thank you guys, at the Aeropostale event! But thank you guys so much for everything!

Alexisjoyvipaccess: Great! So thank you so much for this awesome chat and I wish you continued success with your career!

Ryan Beatty: Thank you very much!

Follow Ryan Beatty on Twitter: @TheRyanBeatty and on Instagram: @RyanBeatty/ “Like” Ryan Beatty on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRyanBeatty / Subscribe to Ryan Beatty on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRyanBeatty / Visit: www.theryanbeatty.com

Be sure to check out Ryan Beatty’s EP “Because Of You” and his other singles including “Hey LA” and “Every Little Thing” available on iTunes for purchase!

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE pictures from covering Ryan Beatty’s DoSomething “Teens For Jeans” event at this link: https://alexisjoyvipaccess.wordpress.com/2013/01/24/vipaccessexclusive-exclusive-pictures-from-ryan-beattys-dosomething-teens-for-jeans-event-at-aeropostale-in-nyc/ Also, be sure to check out these VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE pictures: https://alexisjoyvipaccess.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/vipaccessexclusive-exclusive-pictures-of-ryan-beatty-at-his-the-gramercy-theatre-performance-12013/ and videos: https://alexisjoyvipaccess.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/vipaccessexclusive-exclusive-videos-of-ryan-beatty-at-his-the-gramercy-theatre-nyc-concert-12013/ I took from covering Ryan Beatty’s The Gramercy Theatre concert in NYC on January 20, 2013.

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Kat McNamara Spends Some Time With Francesca Capaldi At Their Ooh La La Couture Fitting 2/1/13!

1 Feb


The two lovely (and super talented) actresses Kat McNamara and Disney Channel’s Dog With A Blog star- Francesca Capaldi spent some time with each other at their Ooh La La Couture Fitting today, February 1, 2013. These young ladies prepared for the exciting 4th Annual Tutus 4 Tots event that will take place tomorrow, February 2, 2013.

Kat McNamara shared this beautiful picture in this article through her Twitter account and wrote, “Ran into #FrancescaCapaldi at our @Oohlalacouture fitting! You can catch this lovely little miss on #DogwithaBlog!”

What a great picture! Hope everyone at the Ooh La La Couture event has a wonderful time!

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