Dylan Riley Snyder Inspires Teens To Help Raise Awareness Towards Cancer! (@DylanRSnyder)


Not only is Disney XD’s Kickin’ It star- Dylan Riley Snyder a fantastic actor who always keeps his fans entertained; but there is also no doubt about it that Dylan Riley Snyder has one of the biggest hearts in Hollywood! Dylan Riley Snyder is helping people all over bring awareness towards cancer. Dylan Riley Snyder shared this touching and heart-warming photo through his Pinterest account along with the caption, “Dylan Riley Snyder Encourages Kids to Raise Cancer Awareness”.

Dylan Riley Snyder continued to write on his official Facebook fan page and said, “I am working with Relay for Recess with The American Cancer Society. I will fly out and spend the day with the school that raises the most money to support Cancer Awareness. Dedicated to my NaNa!”

Dylan is terrific role model and continues to inspire his fans! So wonderful seeing celebrities like Dylan Riley Snyder support such remarkable causes whose goal is to change the lives of people all over.

Join Dylan Riley Snyder and the many others in raising awareness towards cancer! When we all work together, we can help find a cure and make the dream of no more cancer come true!

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