Article: Lia Marie Johnson Gorgeous In White At The Teen Choice Awards After Party! (@LiaMarieJohnson)


 Triple threat: actress, singer and performer Lia Marie Johnson looked wonderful in white as she attended the ‘Staples For Students’ Teen Choice Awards After Party on August 11, 2013 at the Saddle Ranch in Universal City, California. Lia Marie Johnson showed her support at the event for the inspiring ‘Staples For Students’ campaign who is working hard to have no person go to school empty-handed! Lia Marie Johnson looked gorgeous as always wearing a white peplum styled dress to the event! Lia always looks fantastic everywhere she goes!

Check out these marvelous pictures of the always lovely Lia Marie Johnson at the 2013 ‘Staples For Students’ Teen Choice Awards After Party below! Be sure to catch Lia Marie Johnson every Monday night on ‘ATV on Nick’. Lia Marie Johnson fans can look forward to more “Terry the Tomboy” segments as she will begin filming more segments at the end of this month.

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Want to be apart of the ‘Staples for Students’ campaign? You can donate $1 to any of your local Staples registers between June 30 – September 28th and you can also donate school supplies from August 11 – 17th! Spread the word on social media and share the ‘Staples for Students’ Facebook page – each share will equal to a $1 being donated starting July 15th! Spread the word and help make every person get in the school spirit!

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