Article: Jillian Rose Reed Takes Part In Inspiring “Breaking The Chains” Campaign! Check Out The Kickstarter Project Here!


Photo Credits: Jillian Rose Reed’s Instagram (@JillianRoseReed)

Eating disorders have become a struggle that is prevalent and affecting the lives of people everywhere and of all ages. The incredible MTV Awkward star Jillian Rose Reed is not only a spectacular actress, but she is also one terrific role model, using her positive influence to help bring awareness towards eating disorders. Jillian Rose Reed is teaming up with Debra Hopkins, Anabelle Munroe, Erin Sanders, and August Emerson in the inspiring “Breaking The Chains” campaign. Jillian Rose Reed will be working as a producer in the “Breaking The Chains” campaign. The goal of “Breaking The Chains” is to “change the face of eating disorders” (source: press release) and to “… express the inner turmoil and pain one goes through within an eating disorder” (source: press release).

According to the press release, ” “I think it’s no secret that everyone is effected in one way or the other by this disease that we want to shed the light on”, said Jillian Rose Reed (MTV’s Awkward), on the freshly launched kickstarter campaign video for the song “My Worst Enemy” (performed by Reed), whose goal it is to help crowd-finance a music video to a song about the inner emotional turmoil of having an eating disorder.”

Check out the “Breaking The Chain” Kickstarter campaign at this link: which is described as an “Alice In Wonderland Labyrinth world gone dark” (source: press release). The work put behind the remarkable campaign is just outstanding and so influential; and the artistic concept behind it all is just mesmerizing! Show your support towards this excellent campaign by checking out the Kickstarter project and donating whatever you can! Be sure to share the “Breaking the Chains” Kickstarter project with all your friends and family — YOU, yes… YOU; can help Jillian Rose Reed and all the magnificent people working on the “Breaking The Chains” project by helping get the word out!

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