Bella Thorne Welcomes You To The Dark Side With The Star Wars Characters! (@BellaThorne)


Ever heard that expression, “Come to the dark side… we have cookies!” Well this time there’s a twist! Come to the dark side… they have the Star Wars characters… AND Bella Thorne!! HaHa! Bella Thorne shared these lovely pictures of herself through her Instagram having some fun with the Star Wars characters today. Bella shared the picture of her and Darth Vader and wrote, “Welcome to the dark side.” Anybody else said in your head, “Luke, I am your father” when you first saw this picture? I know I did!

Bella Thorne is too sweet to be in the dark side; don’t you guys agree?! Such great pictures!

Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, have you seen all the Star Wars movies? If so, what was your favorite??

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