Go Backstage Of A.N.T. Farm Season 2 In Stefanie Scott’s All New Video!

Ever wondered what it is like backstage on the set of the hit Disney Channel tv show, A.N.T. Farm?? In Stefanie Scott’s all new Youtube video she uploaded today, you can virtually go backstage of A.N.T. Farm season two! See what curtain calls, photoshoots, and meet and greets are like in the point of view of A.N.T. Farm star Stefanie Scott herself!

Also check out some fun highlights of 2012 for Stefanie so far including going to premieres and the NAACP Image Awards with the awesome A.N.T. Farm cast!! You can also check out Jake Short, Carlon Jeffery and more have some fun in this video too!

Go on and check out Stefanie’s all new video below! It’s awesome don’t you guys think?!

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