VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: The Lucki Gurlz Talk With Alexisjoyvipaccess At Their YOLO Tour Performance 6/30/12


Get ready world, because there is a fierce, new girl group that’s out and they’re known as The Lucki Gurlz. The Lucki Gurlz which consists of Lucki Starr, Lucki Zan, Lucki Rae, Lucki Sam and Lucki Bree have been doing loads of performances lately… and not to mention, that’s just the beginning. They performed yesterday, June 30th, 2012 along with The Bomb Digz and TPDC at the YOLO Tour. I was able to chat EXCLUSIVELY with the Lucki Gurlz and get the scoop on their backstage routines before a performance, what they would try since “You Only Live Once” and more before their concert! And since my website isn’t called Alexisjoyvipaccess for no reason, I caught up with the Gurlz AFTER their concert too!

Take a look at my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the Lucki Gurlz BEFORE and AFTER their show. You can also read the interview below. It was a pleasure interviewing these fabulous Gurlz!

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q1: How does it feel to see all your fans here supporting you?

Lucki Bree: It feels amazing to see all our fans come out and support us and we feel so loved. Lucki Starr: We’re very grateful! Lucki Rae: We are very blessed, very blessed to have you! Lucki Zan: We’re blessed to have all of them. Lucki Starr: We love our Lucki Charmz!  

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q2: Do you Gurlz have any backstage routines or certain things you do before your concert?

Lucki Starr: Actually in a few minutes, we’re going to go backstage and we love to pray; we practice, just a little run through.  Lucki Zan: We pump each other up! Lucki Sam: And then we do a little massages, back chops! Lucki Rae: There’s a lot of love and positive energy! Lucki Sam: Inhale and exhale, we get pumped!

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q3: So you Gurlz have a lot of upcoming performances, like tomorrow you guys will be performing at…

Lucki Gurlz: Six flags!!

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q3: What do you guys do in order to get ready for these performances?

Lucki Zan: We have a lot of rehearsals and studio time together where we are really working hard and we just run through the songs and dances over and over again so we feel comfortable! Lucki Bree: We literally like wake up to our songs; in the car, going somewhere. Lucki Gurlz: Everywhere, all day long!

Alexisjoyvipaccess: That’s a great way to get ready! That’s why when you Gurlz perform you guys are going to be excellent!

Lucki Gurlz:  Thank you!

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q4: No problem! So how does it feel for you Gurlz to be performing on stage?

Lucki Starr: Oh, it’s amazing!!! Like we’ve been wanting to do this since we were younger and now we finally have a group and we all do the same thing that we’ve wanted to do so it’s just so good! Lucki Rae: I think for all of us the adrenaline kicks in!

Alexisjoyvipaccess: And yesterday you Gurlz just had a performance too, right?

Lucki Gurlz: Yeah!! At a fashion show!

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q5: Nice! So since this is the Y.O.L.O. tour, will you guys try something like scuba-diving or skydiving since “You Only Live Once”?

Lucki Bree: I want to go skydiving so bad!! Lucki Sam: I would do it, I live by the motto!! Lucki Rae: Me too, me too! Lucki Starr: I’m a daredevil so I would definitely do that! Lucki Zan: I’m not a daredevil… I’ll videotape or I’ll hold everyone’s bags but I’m not a daredevil! Little things seem to just be risky for me. Lucki Starr: Six flags, woo! We’re going to go on King Da Ka like fifty times!  After the performances… whew!

Alexisjoyvipaccess Q6: Great! If you could bring out one message to your fans that are watching right now, what message would that be?

Lucki Rae: We love you guys and thank you so much for supporting us! It means so much! Lucki Zan: And we hope you guys really feel our message to embrace who you are, be unique, and you’re perfect the way you are; whether you are perfectly imperfect, you just have to feel comfortable in your own skin and be happy with who you are! Lucki Starr: We love you! Lucki Bree: And no matter where you come from or what type of past you had, anything, it doesn’t matter! You can always change that and become a better person. Follow your dreams and don’t let any person tell you that you can’t do something! Lucki Starr: Anything is possible!

Alexisjoyvipaccess: I love that! You guys are great role models!

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