Kenton Duty, Kat McNamara, And Dan Flaherty Film In NYC For “The Contest”!


Kenton Duty, Kat McNamara and Dan Flaherty have been sharing some sneak peek pictures of their time here in NYC; but we all can’t help but wonder… what have they actually been working on here in the Big Apple? Today was a very exciting day for the trio as they were finally able to announce the project they have been working on in NYC.

Kenton Duty, Kat McNamara and Dan Flaherty all are part of an upcoming film, The Contest. The Contest is based on the theme of bullying and focuses on two students; one being the bully and the other being the bullied who have to work along with each other in a cooking contest.

Even though the cast is still in the process of filming the movie, I’m already excited for it to come out! What about you guys? It’s great to see that more movies are coming out to help inform people that bullying is still going on and there are ways that we can all try and stop it!

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