Jessica Jarrell And Madison Pettis Shop ‘Til They Drop! @JessicaJarrell @MadisonPettis22


“Girls Just Want To Have Fun”… and SHOP!! Pastry beauts Jessica Jarrell and Madison Pettis had some bonding time today as they went out for lunch and then hit the shops! Madison Pettis tweeted earlier, “Lunch and shopping with my @LovePastry big sistaaa @JessicaJarrell! :).” Madison then shared this picture of her and Jessica looking stunning (as always) through her Instagram account and wrote, “Shopping with miss @jessicajarrell! Girls day :).”

I see a Sephora bag; and once you go Sephora… well your credit cards also go “bye-bye”! HaHa! I hope Jessica Jarrell and Madison Pettis enjoyed their girls day out today!!

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