Summer Fun With Eric Unger- *14 Days Of Summer Vlogs* (@EricUnger)


From 4th of July fun to strolling around City Walk, join Eric Unger and see what he’s up to this summer in his “14 Days Of Summer Vlogs” special. Now you Ungerators have another thing to look forward to this summer!! Check out Eric’s first two videos below. In his first video, Eric shares how he spent his 4th of July with all his viewers.

Ever been to City Walk? Then you’ll love Eric’s second video!! In “Day 2”, Eric has some City Walk fun and is joined by his friends Spencer List and Dylan Snyder in his video!

So go on and check out Eric’s videos below; it will leave you laughing non-stop. Trust me! Then make sure you stay tuned for the next twelve more summer vlogs from Eric Unger and don’t forget to share them around!

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