Article: Happy Birthday To The Musically Dedicated, Erin Unger! (@ErinUngerMusic)


 Happy, Happy Birthday to the musically dedicated, very talented, and great role model to all her fans; Erin Unger! Today the singer/ songwriter turns 20! Erin Unger tweeted, “Can’t believe I’m 20!  Thank you God for these past 20 years!  Here’s to becoming a better me in these next 20!”

From a “Little Girl” to now twenty years old, Erin Unger has always had the talent and devotion for music in her! Here at, I wish Erin Unger a very magical birthday and continued success in the years coming!!

Follow Erin Unger on Twitter: @ErinUngerMusic and on Instagram: @ErinUngerMusic and make sure you send all your birthday wishes her way!

Also, be sure you have Erin Unger’s EP, “On My Own” filled with heart-warming and meaningful lyrics which you can get on iTunes!

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