Olivia Holt, Dylan Snyder And Leo Howard Enjoy Some Bonding Time 8/21/12!


The awesome Kickin’ It stars Olivia Holt, Dylan Riley Snyder and Leo Howard enjoyed some bonding time on August 21, 2012. Dylan Riley Snyder shared this great picture in this article through his Twitter account and wrote, “Great day spent with 7 ATE 9 and @olivia_holt and @iamLeoHoward!”

Olivia Holt tweeted earlier, “It’s going to be a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious kind of a day, meeting up with my Kickin It family to do a G vs M promo.”

Dylan Riley Snyder tweeted, “So excited to see @iamLeoHoward @olivia_holt tomorrow for some priority “bonding” time.”

I’m glad these very talented Kickin’ It stars had a terrific day together!!

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