Dylan Riley Snyder Looking Super Cool At Zendaya’s Sweet 16! (@DylanRSnyder @Zendaya96)


Kickin’ It star Dylan Riley Snyder looked super cool, as always, as he celebrated Zendaya’s Sweet Sixteen yesterday, September 1, 2012. Dylan Riley Snyder enjoyed his time yesterday at Zendaya’s Sweet Sixteen with some of his awesome and fellow talented friends. Dylan Riley Snyder even put some special thought in making his swag bag for Zendaya’s Sweet 16 swag bag donation. Dylan is such a genuinely kind person!!

Dylan Riley Snyder tweeted along with the picture he shared above, “Perfect night @Zendaya96 sweet 16! Happy Birthday & #Alabama won!” Check out these great pictures Dylan Riley Snyder shared of his time at Zendaya’s Sweet Sixteen through his Twitter and Facebook Page!

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