Kelli Berglund, Teala Dunn, Audrey Whitby, Allisyn Arm And Kat McNamara Gorgeous At Zendaya’s Sweet 16!


“Girls Just Want To Have Fun”!! The gorgeous actresses Kelli Berglund, Teala Dunn, Audrey Whitby, Allisyn Ashley Arm, and Kat McNamara had a blast yesterday celebrating Zendaya’s Sweet Sixteen! Kelli Berglund shared this wonderful picture in this article through her Twitter account and wrote, “Had a wonderful time at Zendaya’s Sweet 16 with @TTLYTEALA @allisyn_a_arm @starringaudreyw @kat_mcnamara (:”.

What a lovely picture of these very talented girls! I’m glad Kelli, Teala, Audrey, Allisyn and Kat enjoyed their time at Zendaya’s extravagant Sweet Sixteen!

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