Radio Disney Exclusive Pictures From Zendaya’s Sweet Sixteen Bash! (@Zendaya96 @RadioDisney)


The very talented, triple threat: actress, singer, and dancer; Zendaya celebrated her extravagant Sweet Sixteen birthday party yesterday, September 1, 2012 with loads of her friends and family! Radio Disney attended Zendaya’s Sweet Sixteen yesterday and shared these incredible exclusive pictures from the party!

With the star-studded guest list, Zendaya even performed “Fashion Is My Kryptonite” and “Girlfriend”, which as reported by Radio Disney, is Zendaya’s remix to Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend”. What a fantastic birthday party! I’m glad Zendaya and all her terrific guests enjoyed their time at Zendaya’s Sweet Sixteen!

Photo Credits To Radio Disney’s Official Facebook Page: Radio Disney

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