“Kickin’ It” And “Jessie” Cast Hang Out And Enjoy Some Starbucks!


The Jessie cast is “Kickin’ It” with Disney XD’s Kickin’ It cast today, September 25, 2012! The Jessie cast and Kickin’ It cast hung out today and enjoyed something most of us can’t get enough of… a drink from Starbucks!! Kickin’ It star, Olivia Holt shared these fun pictures in this article. Along with the picture above Olivia Holt wrote, “Smile pretty, y’alls. @TheCameronBoyce @DylanRSnyder @TheDebbyRyan @officialskai.”

Along with the picture of all the yummy-looking Starbucks drinks which was shared by Olivia Holt on her Instagram too, Olivia wrote, “starbucks galore #itshapenning”. Wow! How great! Two very awesome shows with two very awesome casts hanging out!

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