Kelli Berglund Talks About Setting A Great Example For Her Fans & More In Her Young Icons Segment!


 Actress, dancer, and volunteer; we all can agree that Lab Rats star Kelli Berglund is definitely a triple-threat!! We see Kelli Berglund show her talent in the hit Disney XD show, Lab Rats as Bree; and in Kelli Berglund’s Young Icons segment she gives you the inside look on how she got started!

Hear what Kelli Berglund had to say about her passion for dancing and acting, as well as her love for volunteering at her local “Boys & Girls Club”. Kelli Berglund not only sets a great example for her fans, but also her sister Kirra who is featured in this segment as well!

Check out Kelli Berglund’s “Young Icons” segment below!

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