Adam Irigoyen Will Be Releasing His Song “Schoolgirl (Colegiala 2012)” And A Music Video 11/13/12! (@AdamIrigoyen)


Guess what Irigoyenators?! For all of you who follow Adam Irigoyen on Twitter, well… who doesn’t?! You know that Adam Irigoyen brought out a BIG announcement to all his fans yesterday. That announcement was that Adam Irigoyen will be releasing his song “Schoolgirl (Colegiala 2012)” and a music video on November 13th!

Adam Irigoyen tweeted, “Thanks to everyone who waited to find out the big announcement. I am so happy to say that I’ll be releasing my song and video on Nov. 13th!!” “Oh and just so everyone knows… The name of the song is “Schoolgirl (Colegiala 2012)””

Adam Irigoyen is so multi-talented. A great actor and a great singer as well! Can’t wait for Adam Irigoyen’s song to come out? Adam will be giving out a teaser TODAY!

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