Greyson Chance Soundchecks For His Show In Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia 11/3/12! (@GreysonChance)


The musically inclined Greyson Chance is always on the go, working on his music and touring all around the world! Today, November 3, 2012; Greyson Chance got his day started with a soundcheck for his show later on in the day in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Greyson Chance shared this great picture in this article through his Instagram account. Along with the picture Greyson wrote, “#soundcheck Only a couple more hours ’til the show. I’m loving KK.” Greyson always puts on a terrific show for his fans, that’s for sure!

It must be so amazing for Greyson seeing all these different cultures while working on his music! How inspiring?!

Greyson Chance just recently made an Instagram account. You can follow him on Instagram: @greysonchance and on Twitter: @GreysonChance

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