Billy Unger And Trevor Jackson Join Fanlala In An “Ask Somebody” Interview! (@BillyUnger @TrevorJackson5 @Fanlala)


 Want to know what Lab Rats star Billy Unger and Let It Shine star Trevor Jackson’s favorite milkshake is? Or have you ever wondered whether Trevor Jackson sings in the shower or not? These charming Disney stars join Fanlala in their first “Ask Somebody” segment! Billy Unger and Trevor Jackson join forces in Fanlala’s “Ask Somebody” interview and ask/answer burning questions you might all have! One burning question Fanlala has for all of YOU: Did Billy Unger and Trevor Jackson do the interview together or separate?

Make your decision by watching the exciting video from Fanlala below! Awesome job, Billy and Trevor! What great and talented guys!

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