Cody Simpson Shoots His Music Video For “Pretty Brown Eyes” 4/5/13 With Special Guests!


There is definitely no question about it, singing sensation Cody Simpson is one hard-working and dedicated teen! Whether it’s going on tour, making new music, or working on a new album; whatever it is Cody Simpson gives it his 100% interest and still manages to always make time for his fans! Today, April 5, 2013- Cody Simpson had another busy (and exciting!) day filming his music video for his song, “Pretty Brown Eyes”.

Cody Simpson tweeted, “#PrettyBrownEyes video looking rad #Dayger”. Cody Simpson continued by tweeting a little later on in the day, “chillin by the pool on the set of the video. gonna be so sick. you will love this. #PrettyBrownEyes”.

Cody has a lot more surprises up his sleeve; and it’s been reported that the “Pretty Brown Eyes” music video will incorporate some special guests! Hhhm, who could they be? Well, “Angels” you’ll just have to wait and see!

Take the poll below and tell me, what are YOU looking forward to the most to see in the “Pretty Brown Eyes” music video!

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