Article: Happy, Happy Birthday To The Fabulous Audrey Whitby 4/10/13! (@AudreyWhitby)


Happy, Happy Birthday to the fabulous Audrey Whitby!! Today, April 10, 2013; the awesome Audrey Whitby turns seventeen! You’ve seen Audrey Whitby talk about the latest scoop on what us girls love to discuss about on the fantastic AwesomenessTV’s girl talk-show, “IMO”. Audrey Whitby is also a familiar face making viewers all over the nation literally laugh out loud on the Disney Channel show “So Random” and has guest-starred on other hit Disney Channel shows like “Austin and Ally” and “Dog With A Blog”.

Audrey Whitby tweeted today along with a picture she shared, “THX u all for the bday ❤! My parents sent me stuff for Jonsey Jeep- he’s even prettier now!”

Awesome! Here at, I’d like to wish the wonderful Audrey Whitby a very “Happy Birthday”! Enjoy your birthday to the fullest, Audrey!

Take a look at this ‘throwback’ picture of the lovely Audrey Whitby and I at a birthday bash in Hollywood two years ago!


Follow Audrey Whitby on Twitter: @AudreyWhitby and make sure to send your birthday wishes her way!

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