Billy Unger, Spencer Boldman And Kelli Berglund Go Back To The 70’s On Set Of “Lab Rats”!


 The “Lab Rats” have the bionic abilities: super speed, super smart, and super strength; but do they have the ability to go back in time?! Billy Unger, Spencer Boldman and Kelli Berglund had another fun day on set of Lab Rats today, April 12, 2013 with a super “groovy” 70’s afro wig! 

Billy Unger shared the picture below through his Instagram account and wrote, “That 70’s Lab Rat! ;D”


Kelli Berglund shared this picture along with Spencer Boldman through her Instagram account and wrote, “fro @sboldman”.


Spencer Boldman wrote along with the picture he shared through his Instagram account, “Gonna ask for a fro-pick for my birthday.”


Awesome! Could Lab Rats fans expect that afro wig to be coming up in a future episode? We’ll just have to tune in and wait & see!

Make sure you’re tuning in every week on Disney XD for new episodes of the hit, action-packed show, Lab Rats!!

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