VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Musician Jack Skuller Releases Amazing New Song – “Someone Else”! Take A Listen Here!


Your friends are coming over very soon and you all are about to hit the beach; but there’s just one thing… you need that one, perfect summer song to jam out to; but just don’t know which one to pick! Well have no fear; musician Jack Skuller’s amazing new song, “Someone Else” is here! Out to the beach with friends or relaxing on a hammock, the multi-talented Jack Skuller’s latest single, “Someone Else” he released today, July 1, 2013 has a harmonious, up-beat, rock ‘n roll vibe to it that people of all ages will enjoy! Without a doubt, Jack Skuller’s “Someone Else” is truly a summer hit and Jack Skuller has once again impressed his fans with another terrific song!

So, Jack Skuller fans! Grab your friends and see who can learn the lyrics to Jack Skuller’s song “Someone Else” the fastest by checking out Jack Skuller’s “Someone Else” official lyric video below! You can get your free download of “Someone Else” at the link right here: .

“Someone Else” was written by Jack Skuller himself who also did both vocals and the guitar in the song! “Someone Else” was produced by Bryce Goggin in Brooklyn with the drums played by Ira Elliot and the base played by Jeremy Chatzky.

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Get To Know More About Jack Skuller here: 17 year old Jack Skuller is equally inspired by both the Everly Brothers and the Black Keys. Jack debuted at age 14 with a rockabilly-tinged single on Bar/None records. He performed it live on Good Day New York.  At 16, he toured the U.S. with Radio Disney. 

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