Article: Tune In To See Actress / Singer Lia Marie Johnson On Nickelodeon’s New Show, “Awesomeness TV”!


Nickelodeon is kicking off its very own new show tonight, July 1, 2013 at 8:00 PM ET/PT called “Awesomeness TV”; and you, yup, YOU are invited to watch all the fun in this half-hour debut series! You can catch the awesome actress / singer Lia Marie Johnson who you know from “Kids React”, “Teens React”, “OMGtv!! Live”, “Shane Dawson TV”, “Finding Cody”, “Mark at the Movies”, and more in upcoming episodes of “Awesomeness TV” airing on Nickelodeon!

In tonight’s debut episode, tune in to see Lia Marie Johnson as “Terry the Tomboy”! Ever needed make-up, fashion, and beauty advice? Well look no further! “Terry the Tomboy” gives you some advice in her “Guide to Summer Style” – which includes a different type of make-up; not MAC or Sephora; but dirt! The thirty minute “Awesomeness TV” episode also features other segments including “Freaky #FollowFriday” and a music video parody done by MadMoni called, “I Knew You Were Stubble”!! Talk about a terrific premiere episode!!

“Awesomeness TV” is set to consist of 13 episodes hosted by Victorious star, Daniella Monet. From comedy sketches to music video parodies, “Awesomenes TV” has got it all. It has been reported, “Hosted by Daniella Monet (Victorious), the 13-episode, series showcases a combination of new and existing content from one of the fastest-growing teen/tween internet channels with more than 1 billion views, AwesomenessTV.”

Don’t miss out and catch the lovely Lia Marie Johnson tonight on Nickelodeon’s debut of their new tv series, “Awesomeness TV” at 8:00 PM ET/PT! Be sure to also check out Lia Marie Johnson’s Youtube page here: with 21,643, 243 views and 335,947 subscribers! Follow Lia Marie Johnson on Twitter: @LiaMarieJohnson

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