Article: Kat McNamara, Joel Courtney And Friend Jameson Evans Spend Time With The Kids At Kaiser LA Medical Center!


Not only is Kat McNamara a terrific actress and Joel Courtney a terrific actor; but they are also such inspiring teens always looking for a way to help put a smile on people’s faces. Today, July 18, 2013 – Kat McNamara, Joel Courtney and their friend, Jameson Evans visited and played with the amazing children at the Kaiser LA Medical Center along with Lollipop Theater.

Kat McNamara shared the excellent picture above through her Twitter account and wrote, “We had a blast today playing with the kids and @LollipopTheater ! @joel_courtney @Jameson_Evans”.

So great! I’m glad Kat McNamara, Joel Courtney and Jameson Evans enjoyed a wonderful day today with Lollipop Theater and the fantastic children at the Kaiser LA Medical Center!

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