Article: Actress Dove Cameron Talks All About Disney Channel’s “Liv & Maddie” To Access Hollywood! Watch Here!


The countdown to the Liv & Maddie sneak peek is coming to a close and Liv & Maddie fans’ excitement is growing rapidly as the days quickly approach July 19, 2013!! Actress Dove Cameron of Disney Channel’s highly-anticipated, upcoming TV sitcom – Liv & Maddie recently chatted with Access Hollywood all about Liv & Maddie while on set of the show.

Ever wondered what it’s like for Dove Cameron playing twins on the show; or how Dove transitions from ‘Liv’ to ‘Maddie’ during filming? Dove dishes all that and more during her recent interview with Access Hollywood! Dove Cameron even reveals how Liv & Maddie was originally going to be called “Bits & Pieces”! Hear what Dove Cameron had to say in her interview with Access Hollywood at this link: .

Be sure to catch the Liv & Maddie sneak peek tomorrow, July 19, 2013!

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