Article: Dylan Riley Snyder Enjoys His Time Back In Alabama 8/22/13! (@DylanRSnyder)


The awesome and very talented actor – Dylan Riley Snyder of Disney XD’s highly-acclaimed TV show, Kickin’ It is enjoying his time “Kickin’ It” back in his hometown of Alabama! Dylan Riley Snyder started off his trip to Alabama with a fun road trip. Dylan Riley Snyder then shared the precious and heart-warming picture above of himself spending some quality time with his adorable nephew. Along with the picture Dylan wrote, “@averyLMay enjoying my musical rendition of the classic.. “Wheels on duh Bus” where do they go? #lovemynephew”. Dylan is such a terrific uncle!

Along with picture below Dylan wrote, “Bama Bound.. Touring #RiseSchool this morning! Seeing @clevans14 @averyLMay #ROLLTIDEROLL”.


Amazing! I hope Dylan Riley Snyder continues to enjoy his time in Alabama! For all you Dylan Riley Snyder fans living in Alabama, Dylan Riley Snyder will be having a meet and greet at the West Alabama State Fair on Sunday in Tuscaloosa, Alabama! Be sure to come out with all your friends and meet the wonderful Dylan Riley Snyder!

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