Article: Happy Birthday To The Marvelous & Super Talented – Erin Unger 8/22/13! (@ErinUngerMusic)


Happy, Happy Birthday to the magnificent, musically-inclined; and all around wonderful – Erin Unger! Today, August 22, 2013 – the singer / songwriter turns 21! Erin Unger is truly a fantastic, genuine, down-to-earth young lady! Not only is Erin Unger an uber talented and dedicated musician; but she is also a terrific role model to all her fans and continues to set a great example for others with such grace, class and loveliness! Erin Unger inspires her fans all around through her amazing, catchy, and harmonious songs including, “Smile”, “On My Own”, “Little Girl”, and “Just Like You”.

Here at, I’d like to wish the lovely Erin Unger a very, very “Happy Birthday”!! Have a marvelous day, Erin and enjoy your birthday cake!

Follow Erin Unger on Twitter: @ErinUngerMusic and on Instagram: @MissErinUnger / Be sure to get Erin Unger’s incredible EP, “On My Own” on iTunes!

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