Article: Jillian Rose Reed Shows Her Support At The “ADA Step Out Walk” 11/2/13! (@JillianRoseReed)


Not only is MTV’s Awkward star – Jillian Rose Reed a magnificent and super talented actress; but she’s also an avid supporter of the ‘American Diabetes Association’. What an amazing role model Jillian Rose Reed is to all her fans! Jillian Rose Reed showed her support and “stepped out” yesterday, November 2, 2013 as she attended the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Step Out Walk. Jillian Rose Reed looking beautiful in a Nike outfit from head to toe, is a spokesperson of the American Diabetes Association and spoke at the event along with her brother, actor – Robbie Tucker.

Jillian Rose Reed gathered some of her MTV Awkward cast-mates including Kelly Sry and Wesam Keesh to come support the event. This year marks the third year Jillian Rose Reed spoke at the event (Third time’s a charm!)

Jillian Rose Reed snapped this gorgeous selfie and shared it on the awesome J-14 Magazine’s Twitter account. Along with the picture J-14 tweeted, “#Awkward’s @JillianRoseReed went to @ADA_LosAngeles’ #StepOutWalk to stop diabetes today! #stepoutla We’re so proud!”


So incredible to see the marvelous Jillian Rose Reed support such a fantastic organization and event! Check out more pictures of Jillian Rose Reed at the event below shared from the ADA Los Angeles Facebook account.



Here are some more pictures of Jillian Rose Reed at the “ADA Step Out Walk”:

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