Article: Robbie Tucker Has A Great Time Supporting The “ADA Step Out Walk” 11/2/13! (#RobbieTucker)


The multi-talented and amazing actor, Robbie Tucker had a great time yesterday, November 2, 2013 as he came out to support the American Diabetes Association (ADA) “Step Out Walk” at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Robbie Tucker is a spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association. Robbie Tucker took on the stage and gave a speech at the event alongside his sister, MTV’s Awkward star – Jillian Rose Reed. Robbie Tucker had a blast catching up with his friends Xolo Mariduena, Benjamin Stockham, and more at the event!

The ADA Los Angeles Facebook account shared the two magnificent pictures below of Robbie Tucker at the event:



Check out some more great pictures of the wonderful Robbie Tucker at the ADA “Step Out Walk” below. So great to see the terrific Robbie Tucker show his support for such an incredible organization and event!

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