Article: Happy, Happy Birthday To The Amazing Eric Unger 11/22/13! (@EricUnger)


Happy, Happy Birthday to the amazing and epic Eric Unger! Today, November 22, 2013; the multi-talented film-maker Eric Unger turns fifteen! Eric Unger tweeted, “it’s my birthdayyyyyyy”. Eric Unger has a lot of thrilling upcoming projects he’s excited to share with his Ungerators. For all of you Eric Unger fans who have been waiting for new Eric Unger videos, the wait is now over. Eric Unger recently announced that he’s back again with more magnificent and entertaining videos – including short films (AWESOME!), pranks and skits; and even stunts! Eric Unger is truly one super cool and fantastic sensation!

Here at, I’d like to wish the excellent Eric Unger a very “Happy Birthday”! Have an incredible birthday, Eric and enjoy your birthday cake!

Check out Eric Unger’s latest video on Youtube where he updates all of YOU on what he has in store in his new channel!

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