Article: Happy, Happy Birthday To The Radiant Kat McNamara 11/22/13! (@Kat_McNamara)


 Happy, Happy Birthday to the multi-talented, magnificent, and radiant Kat McNamara! Today, November 22, 2013; triple threat – actress, singer and dancer Kat McNamara turns eighteen! The lovely Kat McNamara tweeted, “Thank you, #kitkats, for the amazing and heartfelt birthday wishes. YOU are my inspiration and I truly appreciate your love and support! <3″. Kat McNamara has shown her incredible and outstanding talent in movies such as “New Years Eve”, “Contest”, “Girl VS. Monster”; hit TV shows such as Kickin’ It, Jessie, Glee; and has an endless amount of upcoming projects including MTV’s “Happyland”, an upcoming movie, “Little Savages”; and much more. Kat McNamara is truly a beautiful young lady inside and out who is a spectacular role model to all her fans! With everything Kat McNamara does, she always graces it with such classiness and talent.

Here at, I’d like to wish the fabulous Kat McNamara a very “Happy Birthday”! Have a fantastic birthday, Kat and enjoy your birthday cake!

Check out my VIPAccesEXCLUSIVE interview with the gorgeous Kat McNamara at the “Contest” Movie NYC special screening below!

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