Article: Happy, Happy Birthday To The Amazingly Talented Kalin White 1/4/14! (@KalinWhite)


 Happy, Happy Birthday to the amazingly talented sensation – Kalin White! Today, January 4, 2014; the charming and dedicated singer / songwriter – Kalin White turns nineteen! Kalin White tweeted, “Y’all are so sweet, all these midnight birthday wishes are making my night here in the studio a good one :) love you”. Fans world-wide can’t get enough of the incredible Kalin and Myles – their music and down-to-earth personalities will make ‘Kalin and Myles’ the next house-hold names! Without a doubt, 2014 will be another magnificent year for the wonderful Kalin & Myles. Stay tuned because Kalin and Myles will continue to take the world by storm!

Here at, I’d like to wish the fantastic and super awesome Kalin White a very “Happy Birthday”! Have a remarkable day, Kalin!

Follow Kalin White on Twitter and Instagram: @KalinWhite and be sure to send your birthday wishes his way!

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with Kalin and Myles below! Buy the K&M University EP on iTunes here:

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