Article: Audrey Whitby And Joey Bragg Have A Blast At The Ooh La La Couture ‘Tutus 4 Tots’ Event!


The multi-talented and radiant actress: Audrey Whitby and the awesome Joey Bragg had a blast yesterday, February 1, 2014 as they attended Ooh La La Couture’s ‘Tutus 4 Tots’ event in Los Angeles, California. Audrey Whitby and Joey Bragg enjoyed their time putting a smile from ear to ear on the kids’ faces. Audrey Whitby looked so stunning (as always) in her fabulous Ooh La La Couture dress; Joey Bragg looked super cool at the event!

Joey Bragg shared the wonderful picture above through his Instagram account and wrote, “Thanks so much to @OohLaLaCouture123 for letting me do the next best thing to wearing dresses. It was a blast.”

Audrey Whitby wrote along with a picture she shared through her Instagram account, “Thank you again @oohlalacouture123 for letting me play dress up all morning!” So lovely, Audrey Whitby is such a sweetheart!

Check out more pictures of the amazing Audrey Whitby and Joey Bragg at Ooh La La Couture’s ‘Tutus 4 Tots’ event. I’m glad Audrey and Joey had a great time!

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