Article: Stefanie Scott Brings Smiles To Childrens’ Faces At The Ryan Seacrest Foundation Opening In Denver!


Stefanie Scott is truly one beautiful, young lady both inside and out! The multi-talented actress / singer: Stefanie Scott helped the incredible Ryan Seacrest open his Ryan Seacrest Foundation ‘Seacrest Studios’ today, June 20, 2014 in Denver. Stefanie Scott brought warmth, happiness and so much smiles to these magnificent, phenomenal and inspiring children. Stefanie Scott posed for pictures and signed autographs for the excellent children. So heartwarming to see how happy these terrific kids are!

Stefanie Scott wrote along with a photo she shared through her Instagram account, “Some of the special souls I hung out with today at @ryanfoundation opening in Denver (Kelly, delaney and crystal).

Along with the photo below Stefanie Scott wrote, “Thank you so much @ryanseacrest for having me at @childrenscolo this morning. I truly respect all the work you do and passion you have to change people’s lives. @ryanfoundation”.


What an incredible day filled with so many incredible people! Check out more pictures of the lovely Stefanie Scott at the Ryan Seacrest Foundation ‘Seacrest Studios’ opening shared on her Instagram account below! Stefanie Scott is such a great role model and Ryan Seacrest is beyond words outstanding for all the work he does – he is so influential!

Follow Stefanie Scott on Twitter and Instagram: @StefanieScott

Follow Ryan Seacrest on Twitter: @RyanSeacrest and Follow Ryan’s Foundation on Twitter: @RyanFoundation

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