Article: Lia Marie Johnson Does An Outstanding Job In Her First Television Movie “Terry The Tomboy”! (@LiaMarieJohnson)


You know Lia Marie Johnson as the radiant, dazzling and vivacious actress / Youtube star who has exhibited her magnificent talent in Nickelodeon’s AwesomenessTV and in Emmy-award winning web series including: Kids ReactTeens React, and Youtubers React. Now Lia Marie Johnson can add another marvelous accomplishment onto her already incredible resume: a feature-length film right on the one and only, Nickelodeon! Lia Marie Johnson did a spectacular and outstanding job in her first television movie “Terry The Tomboy” which premiered on Nickelodeon on June 21, 2014. In celebration, the amazing Lia Marie Johnson and her cast-mates live-tweeted and chatted along with fans on Twitter while watching the film.

“Terry The Tomboy” is executive produced by Brian Robbins, Joe Davola and Shauna Phelan. The film is also written and directed by Wade Randolph. According to the press release, “Terry the Tomboy centers around a confident, bacon-loving and shower-deficient tomboy whose summer goal is to win the county fair pie-eating contest. After meeting her new neighbor Brett (Charlie Depew, The Amazing Spiderman), she isn’t so interested in pie anymore and realizes the worst thing has happened — she’s a tomboy who has fallen in love.  Johnson’s endearing Terry character has her fellow “AwesomenessTV” star, Noland Ammon in the film, who plays her best friend Duncanty.”

Also, the press release stated, “Terry the Tomboy embraces one of Nickelodeon’s many hilarious characters that has experienced enormous popularity on our air and online,” said Russell Hicks, Nickelodeon’s President of Content Development and Production. “Our audience will soon see a new side to Terry’s offbeat world where she must decide between being true to herself – or changing to obtain acceptance from others.” In Terry the Tomboy, a visit to the doctor confirms that the worst has happened: Terry is crushing on her new neighbor Brett. With help from her best friend and not-so-secret admirer, Duncanty (Noland Ammon, AwesomenessTV), Terry attempts to overcome her unfortunate condition.”

The lovely Lia Marie Johnson tweeted, “Well I hope you all enjoyed the movie! & liked the message it sends Also, enjoy your summer adventure. No matter what it is”.

Lia Marie Johnson is truly one terrific, young lady who is such a fantastic role model! Her work in “Terry The Tomboy” has received high praises from both fans and critics worldwide and has added more devoted fans to Lia Marie Johnson’s already incredibly large fan-base. Lia Marie Johnson continues to have one bright and shining future laying ahead of her with her immense talent.

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