Article: IM5 Band And Todrick Hall Team Up To Create A Magical “Disney Dudez 2” Video! (@IM5Band @ToddyRockstar)


Just when the Disney Dudez thought their band would officially be over, “a whole new world” opens up for them! The Disney Dudez were on a search for a new member of their band and it looks like they were just in luck and found their new member! Boy-band sensation IM5 and the amazing Todrick Hall team up yet again to create another mesmerizing and magical video: “Disney Dudez 2”; a sequel to their hit, spectacular “Disney Dudez” video!

“Disney Dudez 2” has the perfect mix of laughs, entertainment, awesome dancing and of course, a super catchy song that you’ll find yourself singing to for the rest of the day. “Disney Dudez 2” was highly-anticipated by fans all over the world and the outstanding IM5 and Todrick Hall have surely surpassed expectations!

Check out IM5 and Todrick Hall’s amazing “Disney Dudez 2” video below and also pay special attention to the ending of the video where Todrick Hall sends out 3 (yup, 3!) special announcements you do not want to miss! Be sure to share “Disney Dudez 2” to all your friends and family and you can also buy the song on iTunes! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what do YOU think of IM5 and Todrick Hall’s “Disney Dudez 2” video?!

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