Article: Actress / Singer Erika Tham Attends Red Carpet Event At Busby’s East And Catches Up With Ashley Argota! (@ErikaTham)


The radiant and lovely actress / singer Erika Tham attended a red carpet event recently at Busby’s East in Los Angeles, California. Erika Tham caught up with her friend, Ashley Argota who has a spectacular recurring role in ABC Family’s hit TV series, The Fosters.

Not only is Erika Tham making her mark in the United States and Canada (where she spends many summers); but the fantastic Erika Tham is an international star! Did you know Erika Tham was born in Singapore, however, she has lived in and experienced the enriching and diverse cultures of Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, the Philippines, and Thailand? So interesting!

Currently, Erika Tham came from Bangkok, Thailand to meet with some talent executives; so we will definitely be having the pleasure of seeing this gorgeous, young lady in many exciting projects! The amazing Erika Tham exhibited her excellent talent in “Oliver” at the Beijing Peoples Liberation Army Opera House in China and has wowed the crowd in many other theater productions in China and Thailand.

Erika Tham is one multi-talented actress / singer who you should definitely keep an eye out for because you will be seeing a lot of her this 2014 and more!

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Photo Credits: DBATalent

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