Article: Belegenza Keeps Celebrities Looking Marvelous At The Hollywood Show!


It was a sensational event as The Hollywood Show made its way to Los Angeles, California giving attendees the opportunity to take pictures with some of their favorite celebrities. With a long day ahead planned out for these magnificent celebrities filled with photoshoots after photoshoots, it can be a great challenge to look red-carpet ready at every given minute. However, have no fear as Belegenza is here! Belegenza, one of the most respected and au naturale hair products out, was on site of The Hollywood Show helping celebrities look their very best!

Belegenza pampered celebrities and made them feel absolutely divine with consultations, sampling and gifts as these terrific celebrities took a break from their packed day! According to the press release, “With over 70 celebrity legends from Dennis the Menace, Dick Van Dyke Show, Murder She Wrote, Miami Vice, BooBoo Stewart, Jackee Harry and more, Alan Eschenburg and Cheryl Honc, Founders of Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care, showed the versatility of their food-grade, silicone-free hair care products on practically every type of hair, sharing secrets of hair control and styling ability developed in hair and makeup trailers by some of the finest hair stylists in all of Hollywood.”

Belegenza continues to leave everybody in awe – so much that Belegenza will be back at the next Hollywood Show on January 25, 2015. One of the two geniuses behind Belegenza, Alan Eschenburg stated, “Cheryl and I are not sure what’s more exciting…meeting these legends and stars or that our products are part of such an auspicious event!”

There are no amount of words to fully describe how brilliant and absolutely remarkable Belegenza is. I am so happy to say I am a proud Belegenza user and you should too, join the Belegenza family by following Belegenza on Twitter: @Belegenza and on Facebook: / Visit:

Source Information / Photo Credits: Belegenza Press Release 

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