Article: IM5 Makes You Dance With Their New Cover Of “Bailando”! Watch It Here!


They’re at it again – boy band sensation, IM5 makes fans swoon with their latest cover of “Bailando”! With their brilliant and harmonious vocals and their amazing dance moves, IM5 makes you want to dance with their first ever Spanglish cover. IM5 never fails in making their fans gush over their incredible projects and “Bailando” is definitely another one of their covers that will be played on constant replay by their fans. Not only is their cover excellent but the video is just as wonderful! In the video we see just another one of the many reasons why IM5 is loved and adored – they have a fantastic way of engaging their fans. It is so sweet how IM5 enjoys spending some time, sharing some laughs and dancing around with their great fans. What’s not to love about IM5?!

IM5 Band tweeted, “Check it out! Our cover of “Bailando” filmed by and featuring some amazing ! “.

Check out IM5’s remarkable cover of “Bailando” below and be sure to share IM5’s cover of “Bailando” on all your social media networks to all your friends and family! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what do YOU think of IM5’s “Bailando” cover? I absolutely love it!

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