Article: The Field Museum Purchases “The Brain Scoop” Channel From Hank And John Green’s “Vlogbrothers Studios”!


Ever wanted to investigate the trees of the Amazonia? Or have you ever wanted to see shark fossils? Then, “The Brain Scoop” Youtube channel is the place for you. With its premiere in January 2013, “The Brain Scoop” has been recognized as one of the most remarkable, awe-inspiring, interesting and educational museum channels out. “The Brain Scoop” has over one hundred magnificent episodes which has allowed viewers to be immersed into another world! Viewers do not need to hop on a plane but they can visit the Amazonia by watching The Brain Scoop’s stellar Youtube videos. “The Brain Scoop” has over a whopping 2.4 million video views! “The Brain Scoop” has been featured on National Public Radio and Scientific American and was also on the front page of Wikipedia!

The exceptional geniuses: Hank and John Green just recently announced the exciting news that The Field Museum in Chicago has purchased “The Brain Scoop” from Hank and John Green’s “Vlogbrothers Production Studios”.

There was an incredible amount of excitement in regards to The Field Museum’s purchase of “The Brain Scoop”. According to the press release,

“Field Museum President Richard Lariviere stated “We are delighted to bring The Brain Scoop into The Field Museum fold. Over the last year the channel has been a wonderful asset as we pursue our goal of communicating better to the public and reaching new audiences.”

“As soon as I met Emily I knew she had a really fascinating future in front of her,” said Hank Green, CEO of the Vlogbrothers production company. “We helped create The Brain Scoop with Emily and Michael Aranda of our studio because she was just so passionate and enthusiastic about science, history, and her work.  I am so proud and pleased that The Brain Scoop and Emily have found what is absolutely their best possible home.”

Emily Graslie said, “Hank Green believed I had a voice that deserved to be heard and a cause that needed a champion. He and Michael Aranda laid a solid foundation for our series, and I will be eternally grateful to them for the chances they took in making this happen, and the time and resources they’ve dedicated to the show.  I’m looking forward to a bright future for The Brain Scoop with full support from The Field Museum. We are in a very unique position to be progressive and innovative with how the public perceives the work of natural history museums, and I find it incredibly encouraging they have taken this investment in science communication so seriously.”

Green said, “It is very satisfying to work with traditional institutions doing important work that is largely unseen by many people. As content moves from print and television to online video it’s important that it remains high quality and accurate. The global nature of online video is especially exciting. More than 45 percent of The Brain Scoop views come from people outside the United States.”

The stupendous Hank and John Green have many more thrilling projects up their sleeves. It has been reported that the Vlogbrothers have partnered with PBS Digital Studios and will add two new courses to their fan-favorite and adored channel, CrashCourse which has over 2.4 million subscribers. Hank and John Green were also proud to announce their partnership with Bill Gates’ “The Big History Project” in order to create more video content.

Hank and John Green are truly masterminds changing the world of online-video making by the millisecond. All of our favorite Youtube videos and Youtube channels, we can attribute it to Hank and John Green who are revitalizing the online-video making / Youtube world, and our whole technological status as a whole.

Learn more about the extraordinary Vlogbrothers Studios here (source: press release):

“Hank and John Green, the Vlogbrothers ( are among the largest independent producers of online video content, with more than eight million subscribers on more than a dozen channels totaling in excess of 1 billion views.

Hank Green is executive producer of SciShow (, Crash Course (  and other YouTube channels.  He is also CEO of VidCon, the world’s largest online video conference and co-producer of the Emmy Award winning Lizzie Bennet Diaries a modern day adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  He is also CEO of DFTBA Records and Subbable platforms that enable creators to build sustainable careers.

John Green is the NY Times best selling author of The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines.  He is executive producer of Crash Course (, The Art Assignment ( and MentalFloss Video ( other YouTube channels.  John is vice president of DFTBA Records and Subbable. “

Watch The Brain Scoop’s “In Search of Night Life” video below from the Peruvian Amazon! This video is truly sensational!

Source: Press Release

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