Article: Jillian Rose Reed Nominated For DoSomething.Org’s “Celebs Gone Good” List! Vote For Her Here!


He’s checking his list, he’s checking it twice; Santa always knows who’s naughty or nice; and so does! It’s that time of year again and has officially released their annual list of “Celebs Gone Good”.’s “Celebs Gone Good” list honors and celebrates your favorite celebrities who are using their position to inspire, influence and do good for others. One celebrity many of us always think of when we think about celebrities who do good for others is the one and only, Jillian Rose Reed! Awkward star Jillian Rose Reed never fails in always thinking about others and helping others. Jillian Rose Reed continues to serve as a spectacular role model and is recognized on’s “Celebs Gone Good” list for her endless amount of charity work.

Not only is Jillian Rose Reed a stellar actress, but she also is an avid supporter of! In fact, Jillian Rose Reed even organized an on-set clothing drive where she motivated many of her cast-mates to donate to and H&M’s “Comeback Clothes” campaign. Jillian Rose Reed continues to show her support toward by attending many of their other incredible events and lending a hand.

Jillian Rose Reed fans get ready to vote your hearts away! You can vote for Jillian Rose Reed at this link: from now up until December 24th at 11:59 PM PST. Tell all your friends and family on all your social media networks to vote for the lovely Jillian Rose Reed. Challenge yourself to tell a new friend each day to vote for Jillian Rose Reed! Congrats on your nomination, Jillian and all your magnificent charity work! Jillian Rose Reed continues to inspire people by the minute!

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