Article: Paola Andino Looks Marvelous And Has A Magical Interview At Good Morning Texas! Watch Here!


The immensely talented and vivacious, Nickelodeon Every Witch Way star: Paola Andino was up bright and early for a very exciting day today, January 20, 2015 at the “Lone Star State” – Texas! The lovely and effervescent Paola Andino started off her morning with an interview at Good Morning Texas today where she talked all about her highly-acclaimed, hit TV show, Every Witch Way. Paola Andino looked beyond spectacular and so flawless during her Good Morning Texas appearance.

Along with the photo above shared by Mike Castellucci on his Twitter account he wrote, “Fun times with star of Every Witch Way and proud Texan to boot! “.

Paola Andino shared the remarkable photo below of herself looking absolutely stunning and wrote, “I was loving my floral little @topshop dress today. Also, thank you so much to @hollyholcomb22 for beautifying me! The eyeshadow perfectly complimented the nude lip color.”


When asked about how her character has changed season after season, Paola Andino stated, “Oh gosh! Emma has changed so much since season one. Now she’s so grown up, not only as “The Chosen One” but as a person and I love that about her because this season she’s a little more defiant. Everything is about family and friends with her so that always comes first and now it’s more than ever, so the Witches’ Council doesn’t really like that that much. She’s kind of going about things with an attitude that might not work out for her, but she’s got good intentions”.

What an outstanding interview! Check out more of Paola Andino’s fabulous Good Morning Texas interview at this link:  and catch Paola Andino on Nickelodeon’s Every Witch Way at 7:00 PM!

Follow Paola Andino on Twitter: @PaolaNAndino

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