Article: Kira Kosarin, Audrey Whitby, Joey Bragg, And Olivia Stuck Have Fun At Kelli Berglund’s Birthday Party!


Photo-booth pictures, laughs, and delicious Magnolia Bakery cupcakes – it was all there at Kelli Berglund’s stupendous, surprise birthday party! The lovely Kelli Berglund celebrated her surprise, nineteenth birthday celebration yesterday, February 11, 2015 with her family and friends including Kira Kosarin, Audrey Whitby, Olivia Stuck and Joey Bragg. Kira Kosarin, Audrey Whitby, Olivia Stuck and Joey Bragg had an excellent time at the event and took some brilliant photos at the photo-booth.

Along with the terrific photo above shared on Kira Kosarin’s Twitter, Kira Kosarin wrote, “  “.

Check out more fantastic photos below of Kira Kosarin, Audrey Whitby, Olivia Stuck, and Joey Bragg enjoying their time at Kelli Berglund’s birthday party! I’m glad everyone had an amazing time at the party!

Photo Credits: Kira Kosarin’s Instagram / Twitter account (@KiraKosarin) / Audrey Whitby’s Twitter / Instagram account (@AudreyWhitby)

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