VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Help Put An End To Bullying And Join Free2Luv By Celebrating March As “Rock Kindness” Month!


It’s a new month and what comes with every new month are new things to look forward to! Well, what better way to start off the month of March (and any other month in general) than by starting it off with spreading and radiating kindness? The incredible, awe-inspiring, and award-winning non-profit Free2Luv has officially announced March as “ROCK KINDNESS Month” and with the help of many of their celebrity ambassadors, youth advocates and of course, all of YOU – Free2Luv is encouraging everyone to be more kind to one another and help prevent bullying! Free2Luv continues to inspire everyone all across the globe with their spectacular mission to “spread kindness, celebrate individuality, empower youth and stand up to bullying”.

Here at, I’m honored to bring out Free2Luv’s spectacular projects and be the first to exclusively tell you all about the fun that is to come with “ROCK KINDNESS Month”. Free2Luv has also teamed up with profound actor, NBC’s About A Boy star: Benjamin Stockham by challenging him to create a cause-inspired T-shirt for Free2Luv’s “WE CARE” program. According to the press release, Benjamin Stockham stated, “I like that Free2Luv supports loving who you are and loving other people for who they are. It’s all about not judging people based on how they look or what they believe.  We are all individuals and that’s what we need to embrace.  I encourage people to support what they believe in, and I’m thankful I’m in a position where my voice can maybe help”. More information about the campaign can be found at this link:

Free2Luv has also started their “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully” Billboard Campaign in which celebrity ambassadors, youth advocates and Free2Luv supporters have taken a step forward to help put an end to bullying by sharing a photo of themselves holding a “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully” sign. Join Free2Luv and some of the many celebrity ambassadors including Benjamin Stockham, Every Witch Way star, Jason Drucker and Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory and take a photo with the “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully” sign which can be printed here: and use the hashtag #MissionSignMission.

According to Tonya Sandis, Co-Founder and President of Free2Luv, “It’s really wonderful to witness the growth that transpires when a child who feels hopeless or helpless is empowered.  When youth are supported in an accepting and safe environment, they have the opportunity to thrive and in return spread kindness to others in need.  It’s beautiful”. (source: press release)

The press release also stated, “With the rise in teen suicides and 1 out of every 3 children experiencing some form of bullying, it is Free2Luv’s mission to reach as many communities and children as possible to spread the word that every person is perfect just the way they are.  Kindness festivities kick off March 1st with a special month-long campaign to broadcast the word LUV is Stronger than Hate.”

Bullying is a serious epidemic that has increased over the past years. We can all take a stand and help put an end to bullying by being an upstander and always being kind to one another. Every kind gesture, no matter how big or small, can change a person’s day around – let’s make it our mission to help stop bullying! It is so phenomenal to see the many incredible celebrities like Jason Ian Drucker, Benjamin Stockham, Mayim Bialik and many more as well as the youth advocates and supporters show their support towards the influential and spectacular Free2Luv organization!

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Source: Free2Luv press release 


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