Article: Join Free2Luv’s March Fundraiser By Buying Your “Love Is Stronger Than Hate” T-Shirt!


Bullying is a worldwide epidemic that affects many people of all ages – but what if I told you that YOU can help be apart of putting an end to bullying? Join Free2Luv and show your support towards their March fundraiser by purchasing a “Love Is Stronger Than Hate” t-shirt to help bring awareness and stop bullying. The incredible actor: Benjamin Stockham of NBC’s About A Boy was put to a challenge by Free2Luv and was asked to design a t-shirt for the fundraiser – well, here it is! Looking terrific and bringing out the message that when we all join together we can help stop bullying worldwide!

Benjamin Stockham stated, “One thing I like about this campaign is when you purchase the tee, we send an empowerment package to someone who is being bullied!”

When you buy a t-shirt, you also get the chance to be entered to win a swag pack with items from Benjamin Stockham and Free2Luv!

Check out Benjamin Stockham’s Free2Luv video below and also buy a “Love Is Stronger Than Hate” t-shirt at this link:

Other remarkable celebrities like the one and only, stupendous actor: Jason Drucker continues to show his support for Free2Luv! Join Jason Drucker and watch his Free2Luv video below:

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